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Ghostwriting and More

Reid Publishing is pleased to offer ghostwriting and other literary services.  Do you need a speech written? An article? A book?  Whatever the need may be, we are here to offer creative, captivating, and professional authoring services.  We love to write, but more than that, we love to collaborate! Let's work together and get your ideas and stories out there through the art of script!


The Reid Publishing team provides Public Speaking Services from both a male and female prospective. Some of our speaking topics include the following:

Stories from the Frontier and Beyond

​Jesus/Yeshua spoke to the masses in the form of stories because we relate to others through our stories! We would love to share our stories of God's great love and faithfulness to us during some of the most difficult times.

The Pharaoh that Knew Not Joseph

Socialism is all over the place and America looks more like Germany in the 1930's, leading to the rise of dictators. Let's explore some of the hidden truths behind Exodus 1:8, "Now there arose up a new king over Egypt, which knew not Joseph." and explore what happened between Genesis 50 and Exodus 1 and why tyrannical government is the real "battle of the gods."

Prophetic Word: We are Going to Need Each Other Now More than Ever

​God gave me that word almost two years ago and as the Bible says, a matter is established with two or three witnesses and I hear so many people say this now!  I would love to help build unity in the Body of believers through learning the Heart of Yahweh through His Torah. As Isaiah 46:10 says, "I make known the end from the beginning...", we can become more familiar with where we are on His cycles as we study the Torah, thus becoming more equipped with walking day-to-day in these dark days ahead.

The Profit of a Prophet: How does the Bible describe Prophets?

​Let's delve into what the Bible says about what a prophet looks like. Let's turn to our Lamp and Light and find out what the Bible says about prophets!

The Sign of Jonah

​Jesus/Yeshua said, "only a wicked and adulterous generation seeks a sign but none will be given but the sign of Jonah." Has America been given the Sign of Jonah? What does the sign of Jonah look like? What does it mean if we reject it? What happens next? 

Two Masters?

​Luke 16:13 says that we cannot serve two masters, both God and money, but let's get into that Greek word translated into "money" or "wealth" and find out what Jesus really meant. Let's make the King of the Universe, the real Commanding Officer of our hearts.

Stories from the Frontier and Beyond

​I love hearing stories of how our King has delivered others from terrible circumstances. It's one of the things that builds my faith the quickest! We would love to share some of our stories with you on how God has helped us and provided us wisdom and ways out when we needed it the most.

Being a Believer with Front-Line Faith

​The term "faith" can sound so trite and abstract, leaving us feeling powerless and incapable of faith during the most daunting times. How can we have "faith" when faithful Christians are being martyred across the globe? Learn concrete biblical concepts and the Heart of our Commanding Officer in a day and age where faith will be the only thing that can carry us through. 

Leadership and Critical Thinking in the 21st Century

Stand out as a leader today when critical thinking skills are at an all time low. Learn biblical foundations that will provide even further backbone to many of the looming social issues that the Church faces today.

Theodicy: Suffering and God's Goodness, Can These be Reconciled?

It is only through a suffering servant, Yeshua that the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob have one of the greatest love stories of all the "gods." No other "god" has sent His "only begotten Son" to die on our behalf. Let's examine what this means in light of our suffering. 

Becoming a Warrior for God's Kingdom

There is no doubt that these are scary time we live in. We've wrestled with fear, anger and hopelessness as we trudge through every day life. We would love to talk about what we learned from God in this process. 
"The anger of the LORD will not turn back until He has performed and carried out the purposes of His heart; In the last days you will clearly understand it."
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