faith to move the mountain of the heart

Released May 12, 2015.

​Have you ever stopped to think about the drastic importance of your position in the Kingdom of God? 

​Camaraderie - the military gets it, why doesn't the body of believers? Have you ever stopped to think about the drastic importance of your position in the Kingdom of God? The world is good at keeping us busy It shouts louder and louder, yet we must overcome its shouts by drawing nearer to God through His Word and loving those around us. This book will present a dynamic, compelling and biblical perspective to the believing community that will change not only your outlook, but your heart as you journey to the depths of God's heart.

This book is communal in its approach. This is a powerful tool in building unity in marriages, families and the body of believers in an age that so desperately needs the strength that unity offers. But most of all, this book is about your heart- it reveals hidden truth through in-depth word studies that will supplant both latent and obvious doubt with life-altering trust, so that your faith can finally move mountains, even the mountain of the your heart. So, rally up for the adventure of a lifetime...the journey to the depths of God's heart-His heart as a Warrior.
​"This is a book that needs to be read...A MUST HAVE for all Christians...This is what America has been waiting for!"
Janet, Mother of Four
"Honestly, Faith to Move the Mountain of the Heart is the thing that gets me through many days. As a mother of four, I keep remembering the chapter about how sometimes our calling is simply to sacrifice 'me time' and be patient with my children when I don't have patience left... and I just keep focusing on that to get through the day." 
Pamela Crane, Author of A Secondhand Life, Mother and Business Owner

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